Literacy: What Works and Why?

This conference examined two major areas of literacy learning, acquisition and development, and explored current problems and issues in the field.

It is targeted to assist primary and secondary teachers, Early Intervention and Reading Recovery teachers and tutors, middle school teachers, teacher education students, tertiary lecturers and researchers in literacy.
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Purposes:  To draw together leaders in literacy research and practice in order to,
1. disseminate current knowledge on successful literacy teaching and learning, 
2. give opportunity to evaluate diverse perspectives in literacy research and teaching, including early intervention, comprehension,
3. provide examples of innovative and effective practice,
4. promote the creation and extension of cross institutional professional networks in the field of literacy teaching and research, and
5. seek the publication of papers  -  in a book or journal.
Target Audience:  Primary teachers, Reading Recovery teachers and tutors, Heads of schools, Instructional Leaders, Support Teachers Learning Assistance, System literacy personnel, middle school teachers, education students, tertiary lecturers, researchers.